Monday, November 05, 2007

iRobot, Metal Storm Sign Warrior Deal

iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ:IRBT) has signed a deal with Metal Storm Ltd. (NASDAQ:MTSX) to weaponize its military robots, including the pictured iRobot Warrior. There is potentially a huge market for weaponized robots, but companies must first hurdle the fears of robots going nuts and shooting the wrong people if there is a software glitch. Terminators, anyone? Of course, iRobot understands this.

Here is the press release:
Metal Storm Limited is pleased to announce that Metal Storm Inc has executed a Memorandum of Understanding with iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT). The agreement establishes a framework for collaboration and outlines the companies’ plans for the joint pursuit of opportunities within the Global Defense and Security sectors.
“Individually, our companies have created a major paradigm shift in how our forces are able to respond to the complexities of the battlefield,” said Peter D. Faulkner, senior vice president and general manager for Metal Storm’s U.S. Operations. “Together, we stand to shape a revolution by combining robot platforms with a scalable force response and increased mission capability including the defeat of IEDs.”
Joe Dyer, president of iRobot Government & Industrial Robots, said, “together with Metal Storm, we aim to develop a superior next-generation weapons platform that ensures absolute safety and always places a human in the decision loop. When you are talking about weaponizing robots, there is no margin for error. We believe combining best-of-breed combat-proven expertise from Metal Storm and iRobot will result in the most precise, safe, and effective solutions for our military customers.”

To watch a video of Metal Storm's 1 million Rounds per minute machine gun, check out this post.

Thanks, isce_ille_iste and wealjays!

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Anonymous said...


I'd be really interested to know who's going to create the firing mechanism. Looks like iRobot has some patented fire control technology.

Anonymous said...

Guaranteed iRobot goes to 30 Points by end of January when they announce there new secret gun robot on January 18th!