Monday, September 07, 2009

iRobot Launching "SPARK" Program to Ramp Up Robotics Education

Here's some real exciting news -- iRobot is getting ready to debut a major new effort to kickstart robotics education. It's called SPARK, and iRobot is testing a new website to go along with the effort, with what looks like a dozen major partner. The website is at this link. Let me know what you think in this post's comments. I like it.

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norro said...

I think this is great and really important. The earlier kids are getting interested in robotics and stuff, the easier they will evolve skills in the relevant fields like math, science and stuff.
This is how it should be. Those kids are tomorrow´s roboticists.

Bryan Rathouz said...

This is great for the future. It'll help advance robotics through innovation, increase the number of skilled individuals in this field, and help get iRobot's name out there even more.