Tuesday, August 31, 2010

iRobot Landroid project advances to phase 2

iRobot has posted a new video on its website featuring an upgraded version of its iRobot Ember LANdroid project first reported last year by Robot Stock News. The "phase 2" video is at this link.
The video features an upgraded Ember with a variety of what appear to be modular attachments, including a 4-camera system, sound and laser vision. The video shows Emberbots navigating real world terrain, avoiding cliffs and moving in concert with each other. Neat stuff. The $2.5 million DARPA-funded project is designed to produce teams of $100 lightweight robots that can go onto the battlefield, set up a wireless network and provide intelligence to warfighters. I'm not sure about the $100 pricetag, but the Ember looks like it fits the bill. Check out our earlier coverage of the iRobot Ember (with photos and videos) here.

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