Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Colin Angle: "Many, many, many hundreds" of PackBots Killed in Action by Roadside Bombs; Sees Growth in Military Robotics Despite Defense Cuts

Colin Angle
iRobot CEO Colin Angle told Forbes magazine that he sees opportunities for continued growth in military robots even with future budget cuts in Defense spending. The company's robots cost a lot less than other military items (ed: like people), and are proven to save lives. Angle said he doesn't have a precise number of how many PackBots have been killed in action by roadside bombs, but said that it is in the "many, many, many hundreds." Angle figures that every dead robot probably saved multiple lives. (He previously has credited iRobot with saving more than 1,000 lives during an appearance in Japan).

Angle also said that the Roomba business has had particularly strong sales in Europe and Japan, and he's confident that will continue. "Clearly we think that it was not just a shot in the pan," Angle said. (Ed: I think we can expect a good earnings report after the bell!)

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