Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wild ride for IRBT as all-time high looms

It seems like just yesterday I was buying scoops of IRBT at $7 a share. Actually it was more like 30 months ago - but iRobot has been on an absolute tear since then. Despite the recession, the company's revenues and profits quickly rebounded and then hit all time highs, and the stock has followed nicely, roughly matching AAPLs performance in that time (without introducing an iPad I might add).

I can't wait to check out the list of shares held short in about a month. It would take a stomach of steel to stay short from $7 to $30, but all along the way there have been naysayers. Of course, I've been on the other end, buying ever larger amounts of IRBT in its swan dive from $33 to $7, so we have come full circle.

I'd like to hear from the company how their key home market in Japan is doing. And it seems like the nuclear disaster presents a huge opportunity for nuclear response robots. I note that the company has sent 4 military grade robots to Fukushima. But I could imagine a scenario where every nuclear plant in the world has robots on hand for dealing with dangerous levels of radiation. Cost seems to be the only reason why human beings are being sent in harm's way.

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